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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions or User Agreement (hereinafter “Terms” or “Agreement”) is an electronic agreement between the User (hereinafter “you” or “User”) and Maple Syrup Exchange or its mobile applications, (hereinafter “Maple Syrup Exchange”, “Site”, “Platform”), which concerns your use of this Platform, all services and content provided by MSE.

Please, read this document carefully and make sure you understand all details, obligations, and rights the Terms sets up. If there is something, you do not understand or do not agree with, do not use the Site.

The “Agreement”, which is permanently located at https://... /, contains terms, conditions, and references to all essential parts of the Maple Syrup Exchange public offer. With the decision to register on the Site, you agree that you have read, understood, and completely agreed with the terms of this Agreement and ready to be legally bound by it in effect, with possible subsequent amendments and alterations to it.

The User has accepted the Maple Syrup Exchange offer properly if he fulfilled several following steps:

  1. Get acquainted with terms, conditions and all essential parts of the Agreement;
  2. Provide accurate and complete LOGIN, EMAIL and PASSWORD information. If needed enter the captcha code in the “Register” tab located https:/ /...;
  3. In the registration form put a checked-in symbol into the special tick box below with the title “I ACCEPT THE CONDITIONS OF THE USER AGREEMENT” or similar buttons (links) Maple Syrup Exchange might design to show Your approval of following texts;
  4. Complete the registration form and press the “CONTINUE” button. This action signifies that you understand and accept all terms and conditions of the Agreement;
  5. The signing up (registration) process is completed after you see the special informational message about successful registration on the Site. At this stage, the terms and conditions of the Agreement are obligatory and applicable to you.

If the User does not agree and cannot accept the terms of the Agreement, please, do not register on Maple Syrup Exchange and do not use the services the Site provides.


This part contains definitions of terms, in addition to other terms, which you might find elsewhere on the Site or in the text of Agreement.

“Agreement” is the User Agreement with Maple Syrup Exchange, presented here with all essential parts, as might be supplemented and/or altered in accordance with their terms.

“Account” is a functional part of the Site that contains and controls User’s Funds, all operations conducted with them, other information about User trading activity on the Platform.

“Aggregate Data” – information about your trading activity, which you provide to the Site, taken together.

“Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy” – is the Policy, which aims to prevent any possibilities for money laundering, terrorist financing, other financial operations derived from illegal activity. This Policy is one of the important parts of the Agreement. The whole text of this Policy is available at https:/…

“Chat”- Maple Syrup Exchange's function, which enables texting between the Users.

"Data"- all available or generated by Maple Syrup Exchange information, accessible from the Platform to you, including trading information about orders, pricing, bids, trading volume, offers, spread, etc.

“Deal”- an agreement, concluded between Maple Syrup Exchange traders over buying/selling of maple syrup.

“Deposit”- an operation involving a transfer of Funds to the Account.

“Exchange Rate”- relation between the amount of Funds and the price offered by the User for Deals.

“Fees”- commissions (charges) paid to the Platform by Users after concluded deals which are established by Maple Syrup Exchange at https:/….

“Fiat money”- currency, designated as a legal tender in its country of issuance on the legislative level.

“Funds”- the amount of Fiat money and/or volume of maple syrup used during the execution of Deals (Transactions).

“Governmental Authority”- the government of the United States of America, any other foreign or domestic government, nation, political subdivision, authority, regulatory body, other entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, taxing, regulatory or administrative powers or functions of or pertaining to government entity established to perform any of such functions.

“IP Rights”- all intellectual property rights in and to: (1) Maple Syrup Exchange (and each component thereof); (2) all of the Data and modifications, whether made by your or any person assistance, to any of (1) and (2). These IP Rights includes all patents, trade and service marks, utility models, trade, business or domain names, rights in designs, copyrights, rights in inventions, look and feel, software (frontend and back-end), know-how, techniques, rights in databases and all other intellectual property rights and proprietary rights of a similar or corresponding character, which may now or in the future subsist in any part of the world and any rights to receive any remuneration in respect of such rights.

“Law”- all applicable laws and regulations, other types of legal documents of the policy of any Governmental Authority or regulatory (self-regulatory) organization, agency (body), in each case which has jurisdiction over Maple Syrup Exchange, the User, or their respective operations.

“Maple Syrup Exchange”might refer to any of the following:

  • Maple Syrup Exchange, a legal entity registered according to the law of ….., with the registration number … of the …th of …, 20.., with registered address at …,
  • employees, officers, directors, members etc.
  • according to the context, Maple Syrup Exchange may also mean web-site, services, content and other materials, provided by MSE

“Maple Syrup Exchange Intuitive interface”is the Platform's trading interface, which includes the screen for trading.

“Order”is an offer added to the Site, which expresses the User's intention to enter the trades and make a deal on certain conditions.

“Parties”– are Maple Syrup Exchange, the User or Users.

“Person”- an individual, all types of partnership, corporations, companies, organizations, Governmental Authorities, including the legal Person's Representatives.

“Personal Account” (“Personal Cabinet” )”- set of protected pages created as a result of the registration on the Platform, using which the User can take part in trades, place Orders for further Deals. The Personal Account contains the information about placed, completed and canceled buy/sell Orders, executed Deals, available funds and/or other information determined by the features of the Site.

“Personal Data”- information to identify an individual, including name, address, e-mail address, etc. “Personal Data” does not require anonymized data or other information that can’t help to identify the User.

“Platform” is Maple Syrup Exchange’s trading platform. It is accessible through the Internet electronic database comprised of computer software programs, database systems, which makes the trading activity possible.

“Privacy Policy”is the rules of gathering, storing, distributing and protecting Personal Data that Maple Syrup Exchange collects from the Users. It is an essential part of the Terms, which is available at https:/

“Site”is a set of information, various elements including texts, intellectual creations, design, and graphic elements, pictures and photo, video and other content, along with a set of computer programs, which makes this information accessible at https:/

“Services”are any service provided by the Platform.

“System”– the set of technical and software means used by Maple Syrup Exchange in automatic mode to process operations conducted by the User on the Site or in his/her Personal Account.

“Terms”are the terms and conditions of this Agreement that shall take effect after acceptance by you of this Agreement according to the procedure defined earlier in this document. The Terms shall continue as long as you are authorized on the Site and use any of its services.

“Transaction”is (1) a Spot Transaction, an exchange (or transfer) of cash or goods that occurs between two (or more) parties and establishes a legal obligation entered into through the Platform. (2) Financial activity affecting a bank account and performed by the account holder or at his or her request.

“User”- any Person, who uses the Platform and has accepted these Terms.

“User Account Data”– the User’s personal details, which are required during the registration and the Log in process, such as login, password, email, etc.

“Withdrawal”- an operation involving a transfer of Funds from the User’s Account.

The Parties should construe any other undefined terms in this Agreement or on the Site in correspondence with the laws of the United States of America and general interpretation of such terms commonly accepted in the Internet network.

Headings of different sections and paragraphs do not have any literal legal effect and do not affect the interpretation of the Terms. They have been added with the only purpose to make the Agreement more comfortable to read.

A reference to a company shall include any company or other body corporate. If the context requires, words in the singular shall include the plural forms. References to one gender may include a reference to the other genders.

Where the words include(s), including or such as are used in this Terms, they are deemed to have the words "without limitation" following them.


According to the terms of the Agreement, Maple Syrup Exchange renders the following services:

  • grants access to the Platform in order to carry out maple syrup Deals;
  • grants access to the Personal Account within the Platform;
  • provides Users with necessary information about the Platform, how to use it and carry out maple syrup wholesale Deals.

There may be other services specified in the Agreement, or some additional services, which may be available within the Platform from time to time.


Before the registration on the Site and creation the Personal Account, the User (an individual, legal person or other organization with full legal capacity and authority to enter into the Agreement) warrants that he/she is of legal age to enter legally binding agreements.

Among other restrictions for using our Service are following:

  • the User has previously been suspended from the Platform;
  • the User has already signed up for Maple Syrup Exchange;
  • the User is on any trade or economic sanctions lists.

If you accept this Terms as an authorized Representative, you warrant that you have all legal rights and authority to bind such a legal entity with obligations hereunder.

If there are any other reasons, why the User cannot form a binding contract under the Agreement and applicable Law - do not use our Site.


4.1. General

Without registration on the Site, the User can have access to the information about Maple Syrup Exchange, trading rates, placed buy/sell Orders, executed Deals.

The access to the Platform and its services is possible only after completed registration through the Personal Account, generated by User Account Data.

4.2. Registration

During the registration process, the User must indicate his/her User Account Data, accept all terms, conditions and essential parts of the Agreement. The information in User Account Data must be complete and accurate. The Personal Data should be promptly updated so that it is valid at all times. Each registration is foreseen for a single User only. Maple Syrup Exchange may refuse in registration on the Platform in its sole discretion.

4.3. Verification

With the registration on Maple Syrup Exchange, the User agrees to provide the Site with User Account Data, required for identity verification. The purpose of such verification is to prevent any financial crimes, including money laundering and terrorist financing, with the help of MSE services. The Site collects and uses the information in the line with MSE’s Privacy Policy.

To facilitate compliance with international standards for data retention, the User permits to keep a record of such information as long as his/her Personal Account is active and plus 5 (five) years after it stops functioning.

With the intention to protect Users and the Site from different financial frauds, Users sanction Maple Syrup Exchange to require any additional information, if it is necessary through third parties, to confirm and verify their identity.

The User confirms that all information, that he/she provides the Site with, is accurate and authentic. The User guarantees that at all stages and at any time, the information for identification is truthful and updated. In other cases, Maple Syrup Exchange has the right to notify the User and demand for corrections, to remove the information directly, or to disable either part or all the Site Services for the User. In the event of a violation of the Terms, the User is solely responsible for any loss incurred during the use of the Platform. The User also agrees that his/her personal information might be disclosed and transferred to financial crime agencies for financial crimes preventions.

Maple Syrup Exchange, at its on direction, can impose certain limitations until the User fully verified The Personal Account.

4.4. Personal Account access and using requirements

Personal Account is personal because only the User, whose personal details are in the User Account Data can use Maple Syrup Exchange services through this facility (clause 4.2 of the Terms). If there are well-founded suspicions that other people use the Personal Account, unless it has been agreed between Parties in writing, MSE can freeze the Personal Account.

If the User became aware of unauthorized use of the Personal Account or any of the User Account Data (password, user name, etc.), he/she should immediately notify Maple Syrup Exchange.

4.5. Personal Account Security

During the registration process, it is the User’s responsibility to set up the user name and the password. The User is able to change the password at any time he/she desires to after the registration. The User agrees to consider User Account Data as confidential information and commits to keep it in secret from the third parties to prevent any possibility of unauthorized access. The User alone is responsible for determining the best safety precautions to protect his/her Personal Account and User Account Data from unauthorized disclosure and usage.

By registration and creation of the Personal Account, the User commits to strictly observe the security of User Account Data, as well as other procedures of the Site. At the end of each session, the User is responsible for logging out from the Site by taking proper steps.

The User agrees to inform Maple Syrup Exchange immediately about any unauthorized access or violations of Personal Account security, which he/she became aware of by contacting the technical support. All actions from the Personal Account considered being made by the User as its holder, unless MSE receives the corresponding message about the security rules violation.

Maple Syrup Exchange may ask the User to change the account credentials if there are valid reasons to suspect a breach of security. To enhance the safety of the Personal Account, MSE reserves the right to amend account credentials and/or issue the User with new ones.

Maple Syrup Exchange will not be liable for any loss (or damage) arising from any use of your Personal Account by you or any third party.

4.6. Personal Account Funds

By registration and creation of Personal Account, the User gets access to Funds. All the Funds transferred to the Personal Account belong to the User, the holder of the Account.

All financial operations are held in a proper way through Personal Account at User’s request. Maple Syrup Exchange does not take into consideration any operations with your Personal Account or Personal Account Funds from third parties, unless MSE is aware of it and there is an agreement (written) between the Parties.

Because of the particularizes of payment systems operations and bank verifications, the User agrees that Deposit and Withdrawal procedures in Fiat money may take some time and be delayed up to one month.

4.7. Depositing Your Account

To transfer Funds to the Account, the User needs to deposit it, by indicating requested payment details in Finance. Maple Syrup Exchange may specify the source of Funds and freeze the Funds transfer requests until the Site gets the acceptable documentation.

Funds Transactions on the Platform, between the User and Maple Syrup Exchange, may be carried out with the help of different banks, payment service providers and electronic money institutions. Therefore, MSE cannot bear any liability for third parties actions, pointed above.

By registering on the Site, the User takes responsibility for indicating correct and accurate payment details, paying commissions for the Site services related to Funds transfer.

To complete the Deal over maple syrup purchasing and make the transaction possible, the User deposits the Account on the corresponding amount of Funds.

The User must be aware of keeping by Maple Syrup Exchange a record of the Funds transferred to the Account.

4.8. Withdrawal of Funds

If the User wants to Withdraw Funds from the Account, he/she should fill the form in the Personal Account. After this action, the User receives a message to the previously indicated email address. With the help of this letter, the User confirms or denies the Withdrawal operation. If the User denies the operation, Funds remain in the Account.

In case the User changes any of his/her User Account Data, including the password or authorization method, there are some restrictions for Funds withdrawals. According to these settings, the User cannot instigate Funds withdrawal during three days.

The Withdrawal operation is irrevocable and if the User confirms it, it will not be revoked.

4.9. The Suspicious Activity

The User must immediately notify Maple Syrup Exchange if he/she did not initiate any financial operations, but noticed any unknown Deposits or Withdrawals activity on the Personal Account. After the User sent the corresponding message, MSE would reply with relevant instructions, the User must follow. Otherwise, Maple Syrup Exchange can block the Account until the results of the investigation.

There are a number of financial institutions (banks, payment service providers, etc.), which are related to Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds from the Users' Accounts. These institutions can request to cancel or recall already executed Withdrawal operations. If this happens, the User is obliged to cooperate with Maple Syrup Exchange, to find out the reasons for such request.


The Chat becomes available for Users after they replenish the Account with the sum, not less than …

According to the Terms, the User, while using the Chat, must follow the rules below:

  • exclude all forms of obscene language. Insulting or/and threatening anyone within the Chat is strictly forbidden. These actions are rude violations of the rules of the Chat and may result in User’s banning;
  • guard against sending any kind of external links, advertising any other companies’ products or services;
  • forbidden to write anything which might contribute to international issues, hurt people’s feelings, contain different kinds of propaganda;
  • sending spam, repeating over and over the same phrase (information), discussing anything apart of topics related to Maple Syrup Exchange, share false or misleading information about the Platform - all these actions are prohibited.