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maple syrup drops

How Does The Maple Syrup Exchange Work?

maple syrup drops

First you will need to register and become a member of the MSE

REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT with just a few simple steps. Click the “Register” button, and select whom you want to represent, a Buyer or Seller/Vendor, typically it is a farmer. You will have to pay the MSE annual membership fees to be part of the exchange.

Once You Register Follow The Next Steps

If you are a Seller, you will need to list your syrup or sugar, quantity, and price. As a Seller, you can choose the type of packaging you want to sell your product in, packaging choices are standard in the industry and you can also assign the $ value to your packaging, whether this is the stainless-steel barrels or an epoxy barrel. If you are a Buyer, you don’t need to do anything but figure out the shipping cost from the state where you will buy the syrup or where it is available and to the address of the destination. The MSE is offering to list syrup to the producers in 12 US states and all of Canada.

maple syrup dropsmaple syrup dropsmaple syrup drops

Can’t Find What You Want?

You are able to enter a request into the platform for a certain price or grade.

Shipment And Delivery

Once a Buyer finds in what state to purchase a particular grade and quantity of syrup and clicks to Buy, a reservation will be made, and a seller will be notified that his/her syrup contracts or partial contracts have been reserved. The Buyer will be matched with the Seller through the MSE trading platform matching engine. The Buyer and Seller will finish negotiating the time, delivery, and payment terms over the phone or by email.