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maple syrup dropsmaple syrup drops

High Expectations Sugaring Season 2

Very soon we are going to compare the maple syrup harvest of 2022 with the fresh 2023. But these numbers are still ahead and we can only expect that the ongoing season will surpass the previous one in maple syrup quantity and market value.

According to last year’s statistics, the number of taps was 5 percent more than in 2021 but yield per tap has increased by 5 percent from the previous season. In total, the production of maple syrup in the USA in 2022 was 5% lesser than in 2021 and reached 4.24 million gallons of pure maple liquid. So, we hope the tendency of higher growth will be confirmed in this year’s outcomes.

Vermont is the biggest maple producer among other U.S. states. Last year Vermont vendors made over 2 million gallons alone and that’s about 49% of national production! The second and the third leading producers are New York with 820 and Maine with 580 thousand gallons of production volume.

One thing that might become a difficulty is the sugaring season length. In 2022 it was significantly shorter than in 2021 and we really hope that this year maple producers had enough time to collect sweet maple sap and we can anticipate further growth in 2023 maple numbers.