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Maple Syrup Grades Characteristics

All maple syrup for sale needs to meet strict quality standards. It should be clear, without excessive mineral haze, and have a grade and irresistible taste. The sugar density should be within a narrow band of 66.9° and 68.9° Brix. It is necessary to make sure the syrup is shelf-stable and sugar will not crystallize. Grade and classification standards were established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2015. Depending on color, clarity, density, and flavor there are four main maple syrup grades:

  • l Grade A | Golden Color and Delicate Taste

The taste of syrup, as a rule, reflects the color. The delicate type is the lightest of maple syrup grades. Usually, it is used for drizzling over pancakes or ice cream.

  • l Grade A | Amber Color and Rich Flavor

The flavor and color of this grade are slightly stronger and are recommended for differing cooking and baking needs. Amber color maple syrup is usually called table syrup but it is all up to individual preferences.

  • l Grade A | Dark Color and Robust Flavor

This grade has an intense maple taste and color. Now more and more people start to appreciate the robust characteristics of darker syrup and use them for meat and vegetable glazidroppingdrop into their favorite drinks.

  • l Grade A | Very Dark and Strong Flavor

The darkest and the strongest in flavor. You need very little of it to feel the maple taste, so it is really cost-effective! Usually used by manufacturers for a delicious bakery to make it not only sweet but also more organic.

People might ask: “Which syrup is better?”. But it would be wrong to claim something. All Four Grades are unique in their flavor and equally worth being present on the kitchen table.