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What is Maple Sugar

Pure maple syrup is not the only delight we can get from the maple sap. Most producers process the syrup into other value-added products, such as maple sugar, cream (butter), and candies. All these derivatives have a bright maple taste and all the initial benefits we value maple syrup for. Nevertheless, among these goods, maple sugar plays the lead. This organic product is a unique alternative to all other sweeteners we can think of.

Maple sugar is what remains after long-lasting sap boiling. When all of the water has been evaporated we end up with solid crystals. In this granulated form, maple sugar can be shelf-stored for years without worries of spoiling.

In comparison with other popular sugar types like white (refined) or cane sugar, maple sweetener is about twice as sweet but has fewer calories (354 vs. 387 in 100 grams), a lower glycemic index (around 54 vs. 68), and is packed with dozens of beneficial compounds to strengthen your body and health.

As a rule, maple sugar can be found in fine and coarse crystals. Both these types are pure, and organic, with all the nutritional benefits of maple syrup. The pleasant caramel color, and complex and smooth flavor make this versatile sweetener a perfect match for any cooking purposes.

Organic and different superfoods are in high demand these days. People are craving products that can help to preserve their health and increase their level of energy. Sweets are very rarely getting into that list, but considering all the advantages maple sweetener possesses, it definitely might be the one!